Over Seven (7) years Ago, before taking up my current role, I felt I was not making any progress professionally. Although with over Ten years experience in different organizations, I had only my first degree, and it appeared I was doing the same kind of job role over and over again without any career progression. I really felt stuck. Here are Four (4) steps I took that may help:

1. I clearly defined what being stuck meant to me and what I wanted to change and how to measure my results.

2. I enrolled for and obtained a second degree to acquire certification in certain bodies of knowledge, tools and techniques I was already conversant with.

3. I committed to Reading books and Networking to open channels of knowledge and access.

4. I committed to childhood passions to reinvigorate my creativity and love of life.

The “Being-stuck” feeling has since faded away because I have severally repeated steps above and got busy with new, satisfying meanings of personal progress I understood in this process.

Any thoughts? Please drop your comment if this helped in any way.

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